Architectural concrete

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Architectural Concrete.

Architectural Concrete is more common than you might think. It enhances a commercial building with a design element and is becoming the material of choice for local councils and shires.

Any local park, public open space or commercial complex will these days feature a variety of architectural concrete structures. From its basic form as a walkway, entrance or simple structure, architectural concrete can be used for numerous applications.

Western Construction Group has designed and built numerous structures within our architectural concrete portfolio. We have successfully designed and built several architectural concrete projects, including open space concrete walkways, hardstands, barbeque areas, seating, play equipment, and monuments for local councils.

Architectural concrete is also used in residential applications providing a modern look and feel that is ideally suited to driveways, footpaths, internal and external architectural elements, small walls, facades, and balconies.


Western Construction Group is proud to be involved in some of Western Australia’s largest civil and infrastructure projects

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