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Civil Engineering & Construction

Western Construction Group provides an extensive range of civil works and has partnered with commercial companies, local government, regional shires and some of Australia’s largest mining companies. Our team has over 25 years of civil engineering and civil work experience, where we understand the complexities of each project. We aim to provide our clients with a range of fully costed options where each civil project is managed and performed by our own team.


As part of our civil works portfolio is the ability for our engineers to develop super-effective draining systems leading into stormwater drains. Stormwater systems are very complex, and considerations must be made for water flow, average rainfall and the potential of any floods or freak weather events.

We have designed and installed different scale stormwater drains from domestic applications to commercial shopping centres, mine sites and local councils.


The laws and regulations in Western Australia stipulate that all electrical pits, be domestic, council or commercial, must comply with western powers guidelines.

Western Construction Group has developed and built numerous electrical pits throughout Perth. Each electrical pit is comprehensively designed and constructed using fire retardant concrete and formwork, helping to ensure any workers are safe.

Sewerage & Wastewater

Sewerage and wastewater are one of the most critical infrastructure components of any city or suburb, and while predominantly issue-free, there can be times when maintenance might be required.  Maintenance of any civil wastewater asset is often very complicated as the infrastructure below ground and diversions must be in place before maintenance works begin

Western Construction Group can assist with any required maintenance, repairs or upgrades to sewerage systems and new infrastructure installations.

Wastewater Containment Cells

The wastewater containment cells play a critical part in the sewage network. A containment cell allows a method of storing waste in an essentially non-contaminating manner, thereby providing environmentally sound protection.

A new covered landfill or remediated waste containment cell has an excavated bottom surface lined with a watertight liner and a leak detection system for determining whether or not leakage has occurred, either from the top or from the bottom of the structure. The cover over the landfill containment cell substantially prevents rainwater from coming in the top, and the liner stops water from erupting up from the bottom.


Western Construction Group is proud to be involved in some of Western Australia’s largest civil and infrastructure projects

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