Concrete Slabs

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Concrete Slabs

Western Construction Group has vast experience in engineered concrete slabs for buildings and developments of all sizes throughout Western Australia.

At Western Construction Group, we understand the difference between domestic and commercial concrete slabs and the complex engineering that some larger-scale slabs require.  Our concrete slabs, including suspended slabs, can be designed and built in-house, partnering perfectly with our formwork services.

We can provide concrete slabs for various domestic applications, including homes, sheds, water tanks and other structures requiring engineered slabs.

Our engineers can also assist with larger-scale concrete slabs for warehousing, commercial buildings and multi-residential developments where each concrete slab is over-designed and engineer certified.

Suspended Slabs

Suspended slabs are above-ground level slabs that are not directly in contact with the earth. They are commonly used to create floors for the upper storeys of commercial or residential development.

Western Construction Group , can provide a complete start-to-finish solution for suspended slabs.

We have the skills and experience to engineer your new suspended slab as well as assist in the required scaffolding and formwork using the revolutionary Peri Walling system and Airodek when necessary.


Western Construction Group is proud to be involved in some of Western Australia’s largest civil and infrastructure projects

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